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Anonymous said: If a girl tells a guy that she loves him, and the guy tells the girl that he loves her back, and the next day the girl tells the guy she asked out another guy and breaks the first guy's heart, does that make the girl a bitch?

its rude of the girl, she obv talking to other niggas and you aint the only one on her mind. the guy should suck it up and find someone new.  

Anonymous said: narwhals or penguins or Hello Freaking Kitty

penguins :)

Anonymous said: What is the difference between a tampon and a pad ALSO is it still considered rape if the girl enjoys it

tampon is inside and a pad is like a diaper. not really rape if they doing it to themselves.

Anonymous said: Shadowboy427 says HAI

hi brandon.

Anonymous said: meow.


I wonder,

if I end up going out with someone, would you get jealous? Would you feel sad? If you see me doing better would you run back to me?

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nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go DEUUEAUGHAUGHAUGH